P.P. Swimming Pool demolition to start soon

Change is coming! Demolition of the old swimming pool is projected to start in the very near future, possibly this week or next. This is the beginning of the journey to replace the present pool and bathhouse with a new facility, that will meet or exceed the State and Federal regulations and most importantly the ADA (American Disability Act) requirements, in the same location of the City Park.

If all goes as planned, there will be a new pool ready to open in June of 2016 for all to enjoy. It will be a great destination for anyone in the area to enjoy summer and the water in a safe and healthy environment for all ages from infancy to adults and all capabilities. More importantly, swimming lessons will be able to be held locally and all children or adults in the area who want to learn to swim will be welcomed to learn.

It was a quiet summer for the community this past summer without the swimming pool being in operation. Due to the liability of having a pool with water that wasn’t filtered properly due to antiquated pumps and drains, the City Council chose to close the pool. This meant that children had to be bussed to a neighboring community for swimming lessons. This in turn had an impact on the businesses as the traffic normally generated by those using the swimming pool throughout the summer did not happen. Noticeably absent were the young people walking, riding bike, or playing in the park as well as visiting the various businesses.

Through the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals, the donations and pledges have grown to almost $600,000! Thanks to The Lloyd and Beverly Paulson Family Foundation, a Million Dollar Challenge has been offered to complete the fund raising. The challenge is to have 200 donors give or pledge $1,000 or more, and have the community raise $400,000 more for a goal of $1 million. The “Making a Splash” fund raising campaign is encouraged by all the donations. Most impressive is the fact that many of the individuals who have stepped up to meet the “Million Dollar Challenge” with a donation of $1,000 or more have been people who are unlikely to use the pool themselves, have no children, and are in the age range of 70 to over 90. Their action speaks loudly to how important they feel this pool is to the future of this community, youth and area.

We would be honored if you can help “Make a Splash” with your donation. There is no doubt that the Million Dollar Challenge will be met and we would like you to be remembered for your part in the challenge as well. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donations to this fund will only be used for the design and construction of the new pool facility and continued care of the swimming pool structures in the future. When the challenge is met Lloyd will recommend a donation of $800,000 for the completion of the pool construction and $200,000 for a pool endowment for future improvements or needs of the structure. Any donated monies received over the construction cost will roll over to the pool endowment fund.

A mock-up of the new pool is on display in the lobby of Midwest Bank in Parkers Prairie along with information on how you can help meet the challenge of “Making a Splash”.

If you want to help us with your donation you are welcome to use the pledge form with this article to send with your donation to PP Swimming Pool Fund, PO Box 98, Parkers Prairie, MN 56361. Make checks payable to WCI PP Swimming Pool Fund. You can also contact any of the members of the Pool Steering committee including Rick Alton, Jim Arvidson, Rod Helling, Judy Klein, Joe Klimek, Brian Koehn, Judy Moeller, Sheryl Myers, and Gene Payne. You are welcome to visit the website at www.parkersprairiepool.org; e-mail s.myinde@gmail.com or the Parkers Prairie Aquatic Center Facebook page as well.

Working with West Central Initiative, tax-deductible gifts or donations can be made in cash, checks, credit cards, or via pledges. If you have questions or want to donate through any of the afore mentioned methods, you are encouraged to contact WCI at 800-735-2239, the West Central Initiative website www.wcif.org or donations can be sent to PO Box 318, Fergus Falls, MN. 56537.


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